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In this episode I talk to Sean Newsome about his creative outlets of writing poetry, comedy and screen plays, his love of Nashville and it’s blend of a small town feel with big city resources, his love of travel, his commitment to his community, the importance of constant growth and improvement, and staying humble and learning from everyone.

Tris in The Woodlands with chef Austin Simmons –

Kitchen on Research Forest also in the Woodlands –

Stay humble and learn from everyone. Everyone can teach you something.

Always have a goal to set your sites on, and push yourself to get there.

Have an expressive outlet, even if it’s just for you. It’s necessary for growth, and growth is always necessary.

You should always be working towards surrounding yourself with more and more people who care about what they do and how they do it, and surround yourself with less people who don’t care at all about the results of their efforts.

Everyone should travel at least a little, and get to know some people who are different from themselves at some point in their life.

Small-to-medium size cities allow you the economic opportunities of large cities with the ease of transportation of a medium town and the feel of a small rural community. They appear to offer the happy medium for almost anything you’re looking for.

You have to understand what your clientele really wants in order to be the best at providing it.

Kobe beef is the premier beef and wagyu is the American/Australian version of it.

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