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In this episode I head to Denver, Colorado to talk to former bodybuilding champion, musician, trainer, and serial entrepreneur Josh McCray. Josh is the founder of The Entrepreneur’s Journey; a community of individuals dedicated to personal growth and improving peoples’ lives. Josh played a vital role in this podcast coming to life, is a great friend, and continues to inspire those around him.

The Entrepreneur’s Journey
Facebook: HERE.
YouTube: HERE.

Jay McCray Fitness – high end personal training and nutrition coaching from Josh.
IG @jmccrayfitnessofficial

Impact Theory – Home of Tom Bilieu, a motivational mentor to myself, Josh, and millions more.

Marcus Henderson, Josh’s childhood friend and lifting buddy turned client, gym-mate, and professional bodybuilder.
IG @hybridperformancetraining

Armbrust Gym – a gym for professional bodybuilders where Josh trained and made many friends.

Phil Heath – 7-Time Mr. Olympia and gym-mate of Josh at Armbrust

You have to seek out what you want; it’s not going to fall in your lap. From educating himself on the science of bodybuilding to emerging himself to his ears in entrepreneurship, Josh went out and found what he was looking for, including other people who thought like he did.

If you want to gain muscle, you have to out-eat your metabolism. It’s not enough to just eat clean and healthy, you have to pack in the calories.

Bodybuilding isn’t all about size; it’s about posing, it’s about the symmetry, balance, proportion, overall health of the physique, and much, much more.

Steel sharpens steel; Josh wanted to be one of the best, so he humbly sought out the best. There’s nothing wrong with being a big fish in a small pond, as long as you know there’s an ocean out there.

You have to set specific goals when you’re working out. Josh was trying to gain muscle but lifting for strength. It wasn’t until he educated himself and adjusted his technique that he achieved the physique he desired.

You can make a lot of money on the internet if you have a skill. It takes creativity to figure out how to leverage it, but the opportunity exists, and there are plenty of people out there who have probably tried the same thing and could give you advice.

Every business needs the balance between visionary and details. Josh knew his strength was in vision, so he sought out a partner who could manage all the details.

If you’re nervous about taking the first step and charging someone for your services for the first time, be honest with your client and do it for free. This gives the client a not-too-shabby 100% discount while giving you invaluable experience which can be applied to your second client, the first one you charge.

Perhaps I should look more into finding a promoter; Josh mentioned several ways more publicity would help the show.

Josh had a brilliant quote about sales:
“Sales is a requirement for an entrepreneur; once you learn sales, you can always generate income, you can learn how to sell yourself, and sell your team. And I don’t mean with any kind of dishonesty. What made me good at sales is I was so genuine.”

There is nothing wrong with failure. It takes many attempts and much learning from mistakes before seeing success. Don’t run from your failures; embrace them, learn from them, use them for motivation, and don’t repeat them.

Finally, and in my opinion most importantly, learning how to learn is perhaps the greatest skill any of us can master. For Josh, there is no better way to learn how you learn than to be an entrepreneur. It demands your growth. The days of only needing the knowledge to find food, clothing, and shelter are long behind us. We are expected to navigate a landscape of civilization and technology unlike any other in the history of our species, and we must strive to know ourselves, and master ourselves, if we are to gain enough ultimate understanding to be successful in this highly unlikely landscape of life.

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