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In this episode I talk to Blake about Nashville, his life as an artist and musician, being on the Van’s Warped Tour and the lifelong friendships that evolved, living with mental illness and his thoughts on cannabis use, being a captivating stage performer, the grind of the struggling musician, being a thrift store junkie, and spreading good vibes as far as the eye can see.

The official website of the Vans Warped Tour (R.I.P.) –

MusiCares – A valuable resource for musicians in need – MusiCares

Video from SXSW 2015 of Blake playing with Uh Huh Baby Yeah – HERE.

Instagram – @zdblakerichard
Facebook –

Shawn vs wild – Podcast from Uh Huh Baby Yeah’s Drummer Sean ‘Thriller’ Smith –


“We’re all a little bit closeted, but I like to wear my closet.”

It’s important to be aware of the situation your life is in. But it’s equally important to have the courage and motivation to do something about it if you’re aware it’s negative. This is an easy lesson to know, and perhaps one of the hardest to practice.

You should live in a village, town, suburb, or city that makes you happy. America is big, travel is fast and cheap; look around.

Be more polite.

Creative projects are fickle; it feels good to have your hand on the controls, but often times it takes a team to see a vision realized.

Performing is multifaceted, you can’t just strum a guitar.

One person can make a difference and an impact an entire community. Proof of this can be found when the help stops.

It’s crazy how one tiny little stupid thing that no adult would ever consider significant can propel a young child onto a trajectory they will maintain their entire lives.

Mental illness is still stigmatized; as are its treatments. We must work harder to fix the societal causes of anxiety and depression and help those who already suffer from it.

Finding little trinkets in life and using them to tell the stories of who you are can be quite fun, and may turn you into a bit of a pirate.

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