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Jason Juliette

I am a former professional musician, a semi-professional bartender, an amateur boxer, a retired science tutor, the 'tech guy' of my friends and family, a healthy-lifestyle enthusiast, the owner of a growth mindset, an on-again, off-again salesman, a part-time traveling podcaster, a devout believer in objective truth, and an ICU nurse living in Austin, Texas.

The Podcast

The Pursuit of a Better Life…

In all my time and travels, I have gained the most valuable life lessons and insightful perspectives by speaking with an open mind and good intentions to people about their life experiences and the lessons they've learned from them. My goal with this podcast is to continue seeking out these conversations and lessons, to share them with everyone, and to learn from them to lead a better life. I believe all of us, together, can learn from each other and make progress.

A Voice from the Center…

The political divide between Americans right now is concerning to say the least, but I do not blame individuals. I believe Americans are smarter than mainstream and social media portray us to be, and it’s time for the Center to speak up and show them.

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