Who is Jason?

I am a former musician, a semi-professional bartender, an amateur boxer, a retired science tutor, the 'tech guy' of my friends and family, a healthy-lifestyle enthusiast, a part-time observer of civilization, the owner of a growth mindset, a believer in objective truth, a part-time traveling podcaster, an a mental health RN in Philadelphia PA.

The Podcast

The Pursuit of a Better Life…

In all my time and travels, I have gained the most valuable life lessons and insightful perspectives by speaking with other people about their own life experiences, both similar and different from my own. One of the goals with my show is to continue seeking out these conversations, and to share them with all of you for free. I believe all of us, together, can learn from each other and make progress.

A Voice from the Center…

The political divide between Americans right now is concerning to say the least, but I do not blame individuals. My travels have taught me that Americans are smarter than mainstream and social media portray us to be, and it’s time for us to rise up and show them.


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More Episodes

Listen to our most recent interviews and follow my journey of seeking out meaningful conversations with interesting people.

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Quick notes about what's happening right now and things coming up soon.

A New Outlook (Most Recent)

As my last semester of nursing school kicks into high gear, there are precious few hours for editing and other tasks which are vital to the podcast. To a degree, I knew this would happen, and I must prioritize my education.

I will continue to work tirelessly to keep up, and I thank you for your patience and understanding!

Podcast Movement 2018

Attending Podcast Movement 2018 in Philadelphia, PA has been nothing short of life-changing. I've made countless friends who are on similar journeys, and the general vibe of wanting to leave the world a better place than we found it is palpable.

One such friend was Gene Mikulka, host of Talking Space. Gene was kind enough to invite me on his reserved time at the Podcasting Table. This impromptu conversation was fascinating, and will be released on both of our shows!

Find Gene's Podcast, Talking Space, HERE.

The Tour

The tour has launched and travel dates are posted. Find a full list of guests, cities, and dates on The Tour page. New and future dates are being added as fast as they can be scheduled so stay posted for more.

As The Dust Begins to Settle

As my tour and the summer both come to an end, I have several big announcements for the show!

First of all, Heather Lemon of, and Andy Wilkerson of, have both assisted me in finally putting a professional touch on my website and social media. Launching this site, my Facebook Fan Page, my Instagram, and my YouTube page all within three days was a challenge, but we pulled it off and I'm happy to have them up for you!

Stay tuned for more announcements as we continue to improve.

The Podcast Goes Live!

The moving parts are all in motion. Challenges, solutions, and opportunities for improvement are popping up left and right. I feel better about what I’m doing every day; and I hope you all find these conversations valuable, because I’m working non-stop to bring you them in the best way possible.


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Fans Are Saying

"Very enjoyable and enlightening to listen to Jason and his guests!!
Lots of shared life challenges, experiences and outlooks. 
Relaxing and fun!"

Critics Are Saying

"You lost me with the inside information, because you didn’t bring us inside with you."

Fans Are Saying

"I admit, I had no expectations listening, however, it is professionally done! As always, you are engaging and welcoming in your dialogue. I am excited for your future offerings."

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